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Posted by Men of Redemption on July 17, 2017



 .  .  .  BEING TRANSPARENT: GOOD OR BAD, IT’S WHO WE ARE. Image result for transparent

I have found over the years that being transparent can be a good thing and a bad thing. For the most part just being yourself is very difficult for a lot of people. What makes people, me, feel that way about ourselves? Lots of reasons: Fear, people knowing about me and my issues; shame, others knowing about what I’ve done in life that wasn’t positive; guilt, having done something I’m not proud of; low self-esteem, not having confidence in myself to stand out or stand for something. There are so many other reasons why we look at transparency and hide from it or just won’t acknowledge it.

I believe that if we have enough understanding as to who we are, and our purpose in this life, that alone will enhance the ability to be transparent. Let’s look at what transparency means . . .

TRANSPARENCY: the quality or state of being transparent; something transparent, especially a picture, design, or the like on glass or made visible. 

So I’m understanding that being able to see through something, without distraction, without interference, without something giving an uncertain interpretation of what it (you, me, it) is, is transparency. Hummm. Okay, I see that, no pun intended. So looking at this, we should just be who we are and not try to be anything else because then we’d be acting in false pretense. Maybe someone won’t like the person I am or have become. Maybe they won’t accept me because they know something about me I don’t think they know. Can we just stop right here and say that being transparent is not prevalent or based on what we have done or what others think and perceive of us. Transparency is about knowing who you are, whose you are, and what purpose you have in this thing called life. Being ourselves, in all of our faults, dislikes, shortcomings, and inadequacies is exactly what everyone should see because we are not perfect human beings. None of walk on water; none of have ever took to flight from our feet; and none of are without sin. We all have our issues, our bad days and good days, our bad and good times so we have to understand that this is what makes us who we are. I think all of us get tired of looking at people putting on the front of being someone they’re not. Most of the time those that do such a thing give themselves away because who or what they’re trying to be is so far away from their true identity. Personally, I want to see the brother who is struggling in his marriage who’s not afraid to talk about it; who is having a difficult time coping with life because of his lack of awareness about his finances; a brother who doesn’t have much but is content on what he does have and is willing to acknowledge that. That’s being transparent!

But then we have those who don’t appreciate our transparency, saying we just trying to be sympathetic to others for their help. There are some that prey on those who are weak with a lack of self-confidence. But it doesn’t give anyone the right to misuse or disrespect someone because they can’t or won’t stand up or defend themselves or their character.

I feel for those who choose to not be transparent because I was once a non-transparent kind of guy. I know what that feels like, and it’s not a good feeling at all trying to be someone I’m not. All that does is suppress the inner hurts and wounds that I failed to address and cover that up with pretentious lifestyles or behaviors that I was so unfamiliar with. Then when something that is untrue pops up, now the lies begin to surface and I would have to defend that lie which leads to another lie, and another lie, and so on . . . Image result for transparent

So I hope you see my point regarding transparency. I believe we just should be ourselves, even with all of our habits, hang-ups and hurts because that’s who we are. If we are not happy with ourselves, then we ought to make a conscious decision and get the help we need and become the difference we want to see or make.

Just some thoughts from a brother who has overcome his fear of being transparent by realizing who I am, and Man of God, and that regardless of what I have done in life or how I feel about my life, I am loved, favored and blessed by my Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason that I live, breathe and have my being. My identity and purpose is in Him, and He strengthens me to be transparent in every area of my life regardless of what others think, perceive or suggest. People will see me for who and what I am as I live because I know opinions do not matter, only what God says matters. Just saying . . . .




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