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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 4, 2017

YOUR APPROVAL GOD IS ALL I NEED! Image result for wrapped in Christ's Word

As a child of the King of lords and Lord of lords, I desire to know as much about my Savior Jesus Christ as possible. To me, that means I should want to make time in my daily schedule to mediate in and on His Word, and spend reading the Bible and allowing His Word to saturate itself in my spirit-man so that I am well aware of who my Savior is. It’s not about absorbing knowledge or the consumption of. It’s about relationship with the Father who is in Heaven. I want His Word in me so that when others see me they will see Him first before they come to know me. I desire to be equipped spiritually to provide wisdom and understanding to those who seek the same. But I truly desire to be genuine and sincere in all that I do as a child of God. I don’t want to mislead people others into believing or thinking that my relationship with the Father is not real, not concrete or not legitimate. I know who I am in Him because His Word clearly declares that, and I believe it with all my heart. But I also understand that in order to be an effective witness I must live in that light and submit myself to His guidance in all things and in all areas of my life. Enough said. Let me continue to do this as He gives me life.


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